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Growing Parsley Indoors: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Growing parsley indoors is an easy way to enjoy fresh flavors all year long. With the right conditions, parsley can thrive indoors and provide a continuous harvest. This guide will walk through the key steps for successfully growing parsley inside.

Selecting the Right Parsley Variety

When choosing a parsley variety for indoor growing, opt for curly leaf or Italian flat leaf parsley. These varieties grow well indoors and offer great flavor. Curly leaf parsley lends a decorative flair while Italian parsley has robust flavor perfect for cooking.

Make sure to select compact parsley varieties under 12 inches tall. Taller varieties can become lanky and sparse indoors. Good parsley varieties for indoor growing include Extra Curled, Moss Curled, and Evergreen parsley.

Getting the Soil Ready

Parsley thrives in nutrient-rich, well-draining soil. An indoor herb potting mix amended with compost provides ideal conditions. Or make your own by mixing equal parts potting soil, compost, and perlite or vermiculite.

Fill containers with drainage holes 2-3 inches from the top to leave room for watering. Compact the soil lightly before planting.

Growing Parsley from Seeds or Seedlings

Parsley can be grown from seeds or transplants. Seeds take 3-4 weeks to germinate while transplants are ready for harvest quicker.

To plant seeds, sow 3-4 seeds 1⁄4 inch deep and 2 inches apart in pots or trays. Keep the soil consistently moist until sprouts emerge. Thin seedlings to the strongest plant per pot.

For transplants, gently separate into individual pots. Bury root balls slightly deeper than they were in the nursery pot.

Caring for Parsley Plants

Proper care keeps parsley looking and tasting its best. Follow these tips for watering, sunlight, temperature, fertilizing, and pruning.


Water parsley when the top inch of soil becomes dry. Take care not to overwater, as too much moisture causes root rot. Allow excess water to drain out from pots after watering.


Parsley needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. South or west facing windows are ideal. Rotate pots occasionally for even sun exposure. Supplement with grow lights as needed during winter months.


Parsley grows best with daytime temperatures of 60-70°F and nights around 50°F. Keep pots away from heating and cooling vents to avoid temperature extremes.


Use a balanced liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks during the growing season. Dilute to half strength to avoid burning tender parsley roots.


Trimming parsley regularly prevents it from becoming leggy or going to seed. Cut outer stems back to just above leaf sets to encourage bushy regrowth.

Tips for Maximizing Growth

Growing parsley indoors presents some challenges but a few tweaks can help parsley really thrive.

  • Use container gardening techniques like choosing compact varieties and pruning for shapely, full plants.
  • Ensure ample sunlight from south or west facing windows or grow lights. Parsley needs a minimum of 6 hours direct sun daily.
  • Maintain indoor temperatures between 60-70°F during the day and around 50°F at night for optimal growing.
  • Fertilize plants every 2-3 weeks to provide nutrients needed for continual harvests.
  • Prune parsley regularly by cutting outer stems to just above leaf sets to promote dense growth.

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Parsley may run into issues when growing indoors. Watch for these common problems.

Leggy or sparse foliage – Insufficient sunlight, prune more aggressively

Wilting or drooping – Under or overwatering, improve drainage

Slow growth – Low temperatures or insufficient light

Pests – Treat aphids or parsleyworms with insecticidal soap


With bright light, frequent pruning, and attentive care, parsley can thrive inside all winter long. The satisfying snip of homegrown parsley adds fresh flavor to dishes year-round. Just be sure to select compact varieties suited to containers, provide optimal sun and temperatures, fertilize regularly, and prune often. Then enjoy the continuous harvest parsley delivers when grown in the comfort of home.


What is the secret to growing parsley indoors?

The keys to growing parsley indoors are providing ample sunlight from south or west facing windows, maintaining ideal temperatures between 60-70°F, frequently pruning plants for dense growth, and using container gardening techniques.

Does parsley regrow after cutting?

Yes, parsley will regrow after cutting. In fact, regular harvesting makes plants bushier and more productive. Just be sure to cut parsley stems above leaf sets so the plant can regrow from that point.

Is parsley easy to grow?

Parsley is an easy to grow herb indoors or out. It’s unfussy about soil as long as drainage is good. Focus on providing ample sunlight and pruning plants often. Then enjoy ongoing harvests.

How long does parsley take to grow?

Parsley grown from seeds takes 3-4 weeks to germinate and 2-3 months reach maturity. Parsley transplants are ready to harvest in 4-6 weeks. Established plants provide a continuous harvest for months with proper care.



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